The programme for this year’s UKCBR is out!

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Please look on the symposium website for the new programme also outlined here:

UKCBR 2018 Programme

UKCBR Session 1 11:00-12.30
Chair: Prof Miltos Petridis

Introduction and overview of the symposium

CBR in AI-2018

Invited talk:  Case-Based Reasoning a Knowledge Intensive perspective

Belén Diaz Agudo

Mini Bio: Prof Belén Diaz Agudo

Belén is a Professor of Computer Science at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain where she obtained her PhD in Computer Science in 2002. She developed her teaching and research in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the UCM, where she has participated and directed several research projects and has published numerous papers. Her research in the Group for Artificial Intelligence Applications, focuses on case-based reasoning (CBR), recommender systems and explanations for intelligent systems.

UKCBR Session 2 13:15-14.45

Chair: Dr Stelios Kapetanakis , University of Brighton, UK

Refereed paper presentations:

Devi Ganesan and Sutanu Chakraborti, “A Reachability-Based Complexity Measure for Case-Based Reasoners”

Kareem Amin, George Lancaster, Stelios Kapetanakis, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Andreas Dengel and Miltos Petridis, “Case-based Reasoning in Natural Language Processing: Word2vec VS fastText”

Juan Recio-Garcia, Belen Diaz-Agudo, Jose Luis Jorro Aragoneses and Marta Caro-Martínez “SAFEWAY: An explainable context-aware recommender system for safe routes”

UKCBR Session 3 15:15-16.45
Chair: Prof Miltos Petridis

Invited Research presentations:

Invited PhD project presentation (Francis Ekpenyong, University of Brighton)

The inverse problem

Invited Industrial research application study (Miltos Petridis. University of Middlesex) CBR to support Big Data Research in the UK rail industry – a case study

Reports from other upcoming CBR events

UKCBR Community discussion (15 mins)

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